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All upcoming Intel processors until 2026 in one table

All upcoming Intel processors until 2026 in one table

From now on – only hybrid architecture.

The German resource 3DCenter regularly demonstrates a tendency to analyze and systematize the available unofficial information about the plans of component manufacturers, therefore informative tables periodically appear on its pages. This is also the case with Intel’s consumer processor plans for the next few years.

Meteor Lake processors, for instance, will appear approximately within the half of 2023 and can be produced in LGA 1700 performance using the so-called Intel 4 process technology, which was previously called 7nm. Architecturally, only the high-performance cores of the P series will advance compared with their predecessors, while the economical ones will remain adhering to the Gracemont architecture. But the integrated graphics are improved to version Gen 12.7.
Arrow Lake processors, which can appear in 2023 or 2024, are rumored not only to mix the 8 efficient Lion Cove cores with 32 energy efficient Skymont cores, but also TSMC’s 3nm fabrication technology. a minimum of one among the crystals for these processors won’t be produced by Intel on its own.

Only the successors within the face of Lunar Lake in 2024 or 2025 will move to the Intel pipeline, offering a conditional analogue of TSMC’s 3nm process technology. possibly, they’ll receive Gen 13 graphics, but retain the identical combination of architectures. Finally, by the center of the last decade, Intel will release Nova Lake processors using its own 20A technology, which is able to offer a replacement combination of architectures – Panther Cove plus Darkmont. it’s difficult to predict whether or not they will support exclusively DDR5. The configuration of the computational cores has not been determined either, which is additionally true for Lunar Lake.

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