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There is a problem with the wireless adapter or access point. How do I solve the error?

There is a problem with the wireless adapter or access point. How do I resolve the error?


The Windows Network Diagnostic Tool is good at detecting various problems, but hardly at all knows how to fix them. So when we encounter any problems in the process of connecting to the Internet via a wireless network and run troubleshooting, we are most likely to see an error “Problem with wireless network adapter or access point” with the status “Detected” and a yellow exclamation mark. And how to eliminate this error is not clear. And from the description of the problem itself, it is not clear what exactly the reasons are. In a Wi-Fi adapter on a computer, or on the side of an access point (router). As if there and there can be anything, but we will have to figure it out ourselves.

As we have already found out, this error appears as a result of running the diagnostic tool in Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10. But we usually don’t run the diagnostic tool just like that, most likely there was some kind of problem with the connection to the Wi-Fi network. And most likely this is a Windows error, unable to connect to Wi-Fi in Windows 7 or Unable to connect to this network in Windows 10. Then the error “Problem of the wireless network adapter or access point” came out.

Or there may be a problem when Wi-Fi on the laptop is disabled and Windows does not find any network. In any case, we need to find out what the reason is and eliminate it. It doesn’t matter if the reason is on the side of the adapter in a laptop or PC, or on the side of the router. Along with this error, the Wireless is disabled error may also appear.

How to fix wireless adapter or hotspot error in Windows 10/8/7

Important! To begin with, I advise you to make sure that there are no problems on the side of the access point. In this case, an access point is a router that distributes a Wi-Fi network. It can also be a phone in modem mode, or another computer running a Wi-Fi network distribution. How to do it: if other devices connect to this network without problems and the Internet works on them, then most likely the reason is on our computer (in the wireless network adapter), and not in the access point. If the Internet does not work / all devices do not connect, then you need to solve problems with the router.

If the router is yours, be sure to restart it. Turn off the power for a minute or two and turn it back on. If the router and, accordingly, the wireless network is not yours, then you need to understand that your device may be blocked on the side of the access point. Even if other devices are connected to this network. In this case, you need to check if the laptop (on which this error occurred) connects to other networks. If it does not connect with the same errors, then the reason is in the laptop (in the Windows system). Next, I will give several solutions related specifically to the wireless network adapter.

  1. Removing Wi-Fi network parameters

The simplest solution, which is often very effective, is to delete / forget the Wi-Fi network and reconnect to it. In Windows 10, you need to open “Settings” and go to the “Network and Internet” – “Wi-Fi” section. Open “Manage Known Networks”.

Then just click on the network with the connection to which we have problems (if it is in the list) and click “Forget”.

After this procedure, we try to connect to a wireless network.

       2. Reinstalling the wireless adapter

If Windows says that there is a problem with the wireless network adapter, then you need to reinstall this adapter. This is not difficult to do. Alternatively, delete it in Device Manager. After which it will be re-detected and installed. But I want to warn you right away that the adapter may not be installed automatically. Especially in Windows 7. In any case, I recommend downloading the driver for your Wi-Fi adapter and then uninstalling it in the device manager. Although, since the Internet on your computer most likely does not work, you will have to download everything from another device.

The device manager can be opened with the devmgmt.msc command through the Run window (you can open it with the Win + R keyboard shortcut).

On the “Network adapters” tab, right-click on the wireless network adapter and select “Uninstall” from the menu.

We just remove the wireless adapter, not the network card. Its name usually contains the words “Wireless”, “AC”, “Dual Band”, “802.11”.To begin with, you can uninstall leaving the driver programs (do not check the box). If it does not work, remove it again by checking the box next to “Remove driver programs for this device”.

Do not forget to restart your computer after this.

3. Updating the wireless adapter driver

You need to download the latest driver for the Wi-Fi adapter installed in our laptop or PC and install it. You can, of course, run the update through the device manager in Windows (automatic search), but the system will most likely simply “say” that the driver does not need to be updated, it is the newest and generally the best in the world.

As usual, everything will have to be done manually. If you have a laptop, the driver can be downloaded from the laptop manufacturer’s website. Only strictly for your model and installed Windows. If a PC, then a USB adapter, or PCI, is most likely connected to it. This adapter also has a model and manufacturer. The manufacturer’s website has the option to download the latest driver.

After downloading the driver, simply run the installation. This is usually the Setup.exe file.

  4. Resetting network parameters

In order not to climb the system settings and check different IP parameters, etc., you can simply reset the network.

5. Checking / restarting the DHCP client service

You need to open “Services” (through a search in Windows 10, or by running the command services.msc in the “Run” window (Win + R)). Next, we find the DHCP client service (one of the first), right-click on it and select “Restart”.

It is also advisable to open its properties and check if the startup type is set to “Automatic”.In the same place, we find and check whether the “WLAN Auto-Configuration Service” service is running (and restarting).

Various problems often arise with this service. Including when it starts.Friends, everything is as usual: we managed to get rid of the error “The problem of the wireless network adapter or access point” – tell us in the comments how you did it and what solution helped you. If not, please describe your problem in detail. I will definitely answer everyone and try to help.


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