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Windows Volume Activation error code 0x8007232B

If you have a Windows 10 Enterprise client and you see the activation error code 0x8007232B, then your computer cannot find the KMS server. The error message contains a description of the error — the DNS name does not exist. This is a total activation error, which occurs for two reasons. First, when the KMS host does not exist on the network, the administrator may need to install MAK. MAKs are keys that are used to activate a certain number of devices. Secondly, when a KMS client cannot find the RMS KMS SRV in DNS. KMS notifies and automatically creates Service Resource Records (SRV) on the DNS server.

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Activation error 0x8007232B, DNS name does not exist

1. DNS troubleshooting
In many ways, this simple problem with the network, and instead of performing complex tasks, perform a small process of troubleshooting the network. Windows 10 comes with an integrated troubleshooting tool. Go to “Settings”> “Update and Security”> “Troubleshooting” and on the right click on “Network adapter”. Also, I advise you to try to clear the DNS cache, but do not disable it.

2. Verify KMS host installation
If you are an administrator, you need to confirm that the KMS host exists on the network where the client is connected. Since KMS servers must mark their presence through Service Resource Records (SRV), make sure that DNS publishing is enabled (by default).

3. KMS Point Client for KMS Host
If the computer cannot connect to the KMS host, then you can direct the KMS client to the KMS host. To do this, open a command prompt as an administrator and enter the command slmgr.vbs / skms <kms_host_name>. SLMGR is a software license management tool for Windows. This is a Visual Basic script, so “.VBS” is at the end. This tool allows the administrator to configure licensing on any Windows server.

4. Install MAK
MAK means multiple activation key. If for some reason the KMS keys do not work, and you need to activate Windows without any further delay, you can get and install MAK, then activate the system. MAK keys must not pass through an internal server. Windows Activation Server directly activates it, and therefore it should work fine. Remember that MAK keys cannot be recycled and, therefore, can become a costly affair. If the computer is reset to its default settings or Windows is reinstalled, the number of activated devices is not returned.

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