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Intel promises many new 10nm products this year, but no desktop CPUs

Their fate is still completely unclear.
Intel today reported for the fiscal year 2019. In this regard, the company held a conference where Intel representatives answered many different questions. We have selected the most important for you.
For example, Intel said it boosted the 10-nanometer output last quarter to meet demand. The company also promised us nine new products released by this process. These will include new mobile CPUs (it’s clearly about Tiger Lake), an AI output accelerator, the first discrete Intel Xe GPU (DG1), Xeon server processors, some kind of SoC with 5G support, network solutions and storage devices.
Moreover, even by the end of 2020, 10-nanometer products will account for only a small fraction of all Intel products.
The first Intel seven-meter products will be released in late 2021. These will be the Ponte Vecchio GPUs. And in 2022, seven-meter CPUs will be released.
Unfortunately, not a word was said about desktop 10-nanometer processors. Recall that many early rumors and leaks indicated that such CPUs would not appear until at least 2022. Then there were suggestions that Intel would immediately switch desktop CPUs to seven-meter process technology, but company representatives said that 10-nanometer desktop processors would come out.

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