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What is PUA virus: Win32 / Presenoker and how to remove it in Windows 10

The built-in Windows Security antivirus in Windows 10 detects various threats on your computer and identifies them as a Trojan or suspicious application. One of the identification types that Windows Defender detects is Potentially Unwanted Application PUA: Win32 / Presenoker.

Windows Defender considers torrent clients like uTorrent as a potentially unwanted application, and Microsoft does not name the true reason for the threat of this program, explaining that other malicious programs can get access through torrent clients.

The real problem is that Anti-Virus does not remove programs that it considers PUA (Potentially Unwanted Programs), but simply blocks them and leaves them in the “Detection History” notification. Windows Security will scan the computer over and over again, finding uTorrent all the time and marking it as PUA: Win32 / Presenoker. The notifications will receive a cyclic statute and will be displayed all the time, alerting the user that something is wrong with the security in the system.

Allow or block PUA: Win32 / Presenoker?

In fact, PUA is a false positive, and is not a virus, as in the case of a torrent client. Most programs that do not have a publisher can be marked as PUA. It’s up to you whether to remove this threat or add it to exclusions to install the application. You must clearly understand the reality and credibility of the program itself, and if you allow access to a potentially unwanted application that can indeed carry a Trojan horse, the consequences can be dire. Exam-Labs

How to remove PUA: Win32 / Presenoker

  • If you decide to remove PUA: Win32 / Presenoker, then openWindows Security> Virus & Threat Protection> Protection Log on the right.
  • Select PUA virus and click on action.
  • Select “Remove”.

Notifications appear over and over again
If you added a program marked as PUA: Win32 / Presenoker to the exclusions, but notifications appear again and again, then this is a Windows security jamb, since it cannot update its history for deleted threats. To resolve the issue with repeated warnings, you need to clear the Windows Defender log.

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