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What Is the ntuser.dat file in Windows

What Is the ntuser.dat in Windows 

Windows system allows you to create several accounts, and settings for each individual profile, such as personalization, desktop, document folder, it saves to the registry, and the NTUSER.DAT file contains these settings. When you make changes to the system, for example, change the desktop image or move the taskbar to the right side, the information is stored in the registry. In addition, when you log out of your account, it saves information in the ntuser.dat file. At the next login, it loads the NTUSER.dat information into memory. This again loads all the settings into the registry. If you delete the NTUSER.dat file, all changes and settings will revert to the default values ​​or give the error “User Profile Service failed to log in.

Essentially, when the operating system loads a user account, it refers to that user’s ntuser.dat file to display its user settings. When a user changes his settings, Windows creates a log and saves the previous settings in it for backup, as well as saves the new settings. Therefore, in the registry you should have a backup of yours with the extension “.bak”.

What is the path to the ntuser.dat file??

This is a hidden file, and you need to enable the “show hidden files and folders”, and the NTUSER.DAT file itself is located on the path C: \ Users \ Your_UserName. You can also press the Win + R key combination and  enter  %userprofile%  to quickly get to the location of the NTUSER.DAT file.

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