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3 months of free YouTube Premium

How to get 3 months of free YouTube Premium

Surely you are tired of the built-in YouTube ads, which every year is becoming more intrusive, and sometimes completely overlooked. And if on a PC the issue is solved with the help of browser extensions, then on mobile devices it is much more difficult to get rid of ads: Android owners can get out using root or an alternative YouTube application, while on iPhone it’s impossible to disable ads. The solution itself is offered by YouTube, selling a paid subscription to YouTube Premium, which disables advertising and provides additional opportunities for interacting with video content. And now, for the first time in a long time, YouTube gives 3 months of a free Premium subscription for all users who have not previously purchased it (in this case, only 1 month is offered for free).
Additional benefits of the Premium subscription include the background mode, which allows you to listen to video with the display turned off (useful for listening to music or while working with another application). An offline mode is also available with which the user can download a video in advance to watch it without an internet connection. Moreover, a Premium subscription gives you access to YouTube Originals content, including many TV shows and paid videos. To activate YouTube Premium you need to follow the link and click the “Try for free” button.

Get free 3 month youtube premium

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