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Logo design for a women’s clothing website – the nuances that you should pay attention to

There are many types of ecommerce websites online. Some of the most famous types of websites are clothing websites that offer new fashion trends to people. Fashion is an important part of people’s lives, and people from different age groups show a keen interest in fashion and clothing. If you are floating a clothing company or running an ecommerce clothing store, a central aspect of the website is the logo of the company.

The importance of logos for brands

The logo of a company creates its own distinct identity and becomes recognizable. The design of a logo should carry a deep message that resonates with the brand. This message is delivered to the customer every time he or she uses your product or clothing. Many clothing brands have successfully incorporated their brand name and logo into clothing items. Learn more about how logo design influences brand identity here. You can even use examples of high-value fashion brands. A strong brand identity from your clothing store needs the use of a strong, memorable logo. In this article, you will know about the nuances of brand logo design for clothing brands.

What are the aspects of Logo design for clothing brands?

There are many things that you have to pay attention to when designing the logo of a clothing brand.

The color

The color palate that you use to create the logo matters a lot. The color scheme you use to create the clothing logo should be concurrent with the colors that tell your brand story. Look at the type of clothing that your business sells and choose colors that connect with the purpose. Colors can be very strong inspirations for emotions, and this will help you design the best clothing logo for your brand. 

You can either use a vibrant color palette with multiple colors of the spectrum, or you can use monochrome shades for a more minimalistic effect. Choosing the color scheme is very important because 85 percent of the audience connects with the color story before it purchases from the clothing brand. The use of a perfectly complimenting color palate has a transforming impact on your brand.

Know your target audience

For any brand, it becomes absolutely necessary to define its target audience. Once you define the target audience, you can build your brand and its logo. Clothing is an area that is applicable to everyone. However, every brand needs a starting point, and a defined target audience provides that to you. You need to know your audience and target their needs and wants. Drawing out customer profiles and psychographic helps in creating the logo and the larger brand image. Once you have defined a segment, you can further go into new segments by expansion.


The layout of the logo is also very important to consider. The layout of the logo should be versatile because it should look good on the paper, website and even on clothing items. The layout should not be overly complicated but effective. A clean and simple logo layout is the best option for a clothing brand. If the logo is simple and clean, it will not overpower the design of your clothing. 

When attached to the clothes, it should not overpower the design of the cloth and stand out over the entire idea. Three thousand billion textile and garment companies are entering the fashion industry daily. However, only one percent of that section becomes known and profitable. With the use of a good, clean logo, you can take a step toward becoming recognizable.


Typography and the clever use of letters and fonts are very impactful in logo design. The font sizes of apparel logos come in different sizes and shapes. The font size and style should be very catchy and appealing. Sometimes when brands cannot use the full logo due to space and design constraints, they use Typography to give it a unique look. The use of letters and styles is a very clever way of creating a clothing logo. However, the design should be visible and legible on different surfaces.


The use of the symbol is a very common way of designing the clothing logo. The symbol should tell a story and connect with the brand and business idea. Do not use random symbols that make absolutely no sense as brand logos. Whether you use this symbol on the clothing tag or monogrammed clothing, the symbol should make the clothing piece more stylish. The symbol should be clean and very thought-provoking. Using relatable symbols that convey the main idea is also a good choice.

Feminine Logos

Depending on your main audience, you will have to change the logo design. If the clothing is majorly focused on a female audience, the logo should also have feminine elements. The logo should be dreamy and delicate and have more curves and detailing to convey more feminine aspects. Floral elements, softer shades like pastels and intricate details are more feminine in style. You can also go for bolder, brighter colors if the brand image is bold and strong for the modern female.

Gender fluid logos

Today, even androgyny clothing brands are coming out of the fashion industry. People are paying attention to masculine dressing and styles blended into feminine aspects. Therefore, if your business chooses a blended audience with a focus on gender-fluid clothing, it is best to go for a logo that appeals to the audience. The use of rich and deep color tones in the logo and the use of sharp, defined lines is a good way to design the logo. 

The clothing logo should also be created along the lines of the brand story. You can even use monochrome palettes and minimalistic designs in the complete design of the logo. Capital lettering, solid color patterns and defined designs with strong silhouettes are the best options to choose when creating a more gender-fluid logo for the clothing brand.


There are many aspects of clothing brand logo design. It might take a lot of time to brainstorm and create the right logo. A logo design company and a graphic designing company can help you with the process. Contact a good design consultancy company or create an in-house design team for the logo creation process.

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