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When browsing the web browser, Chrome will open the browser tab with ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error code  . Let’s go through the web page, translate it to the webserver, translate it to the end. Google helps us to get out of the conflict over IP-addresses, nicknames are being used by local users. Get it right when you start using your VPN. The more you look at the painting process, the better the problem is.


  1. Reinstall Browser Chrome.
  2. Uninstalling or upgrading from a VPN connection may not be possible.
  3. You can use VPN to configure your site to open it.
  4. Play my PC or mobile to help you work on your site.
  5. Restart  Router.
  6. Use an antivirus scanner like Dr.Web CureIt. All-in-One Software can block the work of the hosts’ file.

1. History cleanup

Open the browser and press Ctrl Shift Del to close the browser stop. Next to the dolphin is to remove all the flags, to set the range “All time” and to remove the grain. Here’s what to look for in two tabs: Basic settings and advanced. Restart browser.

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2. Use a proxy server for local network

To get rid of the error ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED you can change local settings for the webserver. If you have problems with VPN installation or software.

Click Win + R and call inetcpl.cpl for opening Browser settings. Click “Connections” to “Lan settings”. Please wait for the checkbox to appear in the item “Use a proxy server for local connections”.


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3. Clear the DNS, IP, and DHCP configuration

Open Command Commands from the Administrator and Command Next Command:

ipconfig / flushdns

ipconfig / renew

4. Change DNS

Provider DNS prefixes with DNS, so you can go to your browser or do not need to do it or send it to the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED browser. More and more DNS addresses are available from Google, Cloudflare or Yandex.

Click Win + R and call ncpa.cpl to turn on the network adapters. Next click on the network adapter, connect to the internet, and click on “Properties”. At least protocol IP version 4 (TCP / v4) and click here. When you open a protocol, use the DNS server to “Install the following address:”

DNS CloudFlare: –
Google DNS: –
DNS Yandex: –

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