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The error is related to the processor and the windows kernel, when the processor generates an operation and the windows kernel cannot catch this action, the system displays a blue screen with the UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP and error code 0x00000007F. This error indicates that the Intel processor has generated a trap, and the kernel has failed to catch this trap. A common cause is hardware failure due to memory failure. You need to find out the possible causes of this error. Problems can be caused by dust inside the PC, faulty hardware or software, damaged system files, driver incompatibility.

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How to fix UNEXPECTED KERNEL MODE TRAP in Windows 10

1. Check newly installed hardware or software.
If you installed new hardware (memory, hard disk, network card, etc.) or software on a computer, this may be the cause of UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP BSOD error. The main reason for this may be incompatibility between the components of the computer. In the case of software, the software cannot be officially supported for Windows 10 and can work in compatibility mode. In the case of hardware, it may not be compatible with other hardware or in some cases, the hardware may be so old that the drivers of this hardware component may not be supported by the operating system itself. You can also turn off all external devices, such as a printer, scanner, USB-drives, etc. And then restart the computer. Then connect the devices one by one and see if the blue screen gives out.

Uninstall recently installed software. It may be old and incompatible with the Windows system or the PC hardware itself.
If you recently installed new hardware, remove it and replace the old one to be sure.

  1. Clean the PC from dust inside. Please note that you need to get the RAM-strip and insert them back.
  2. Disconnect all USB external devices. Inoperative external devices, such as a flash drive or printer, may produce this error. Disconnect everything and restart the PC.
  3. Try a clean boot system.

2. Update Device Drivers
There is a high probability that the drivers installed on your computer are incompatible with Windows 10.

Update device drivers through device manager. If the system could not automatically update any driver, then go to the manufacturer’s website and download from the official site.

3. Diagnosing RAM for errors
Press the key combination Win + R and enter mdsched.exe to start memory diagnostics. Follow the onscreen instructions. Diagnostics will start after restarting the PC.

A complete guide on how to diagnose RAM errors.

4. Use system file checker.
System files may be damaged, which may cause a UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP error. Open a command prompt as administrator and enter the sfc / scannow command.

A complete guide to recover system files.

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